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I can guarantee you’ve never seen a wedding quite like this one! If I had to give it a name I would say moody + rock n roll with a touch of vintage flair! All in all it was absolutely stunning from every corner. Also, the most beautiful thing was the love that could be seen and felt from the loved ones of the couple. There were many happy tears and loving hugs all around! The bride looked like an absolute QUEEN in her Olia Zavozina dress accompanied by her beautiful crown. And the groom was reminiscent of a glamorous 80’s rock star!

Here is a little from the perspective of the awesome photographer, Wilde Company:

Ashley and Gyasi are such incredible people. They are both amazing artists and entertainers, and their handfasting ceremony, held on the autumnal equinox and taking place in their own backyard, was a really beautiful reflection of themselves, their love, and their spirituality. From the ceremony, their heartfelt vows, their attire (including a custom dress by Olia Zavozina that is just crazy beautiful) the cake that Ashley made herself, the arch they created together, and all of the incredible details throughout their decor, made for a truly personal experience.

I loved that they allowed themselves to be fully present, in the moment, and supported and accepted by those around them while saying their vows. I find these moments to be so incredibly powerful, magical, and beautiful. Take a cue from these two souls! Cry, laugh, be moved. This IS the time and the place for it- don’t apologize for your emotions! Those tears are beautiful and loaded with emotion. Babes- let yourself FEEL and don’t worry how you look, how others perceive you, or worry about what is expected of you. This is you and your loves moment- be in it. You’ll be proud and happy for yourself for doing so.

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