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A good DJ is more than just speakers and a playlist.

We asked the very talented Jon Boyce of Music Tree Entertainment his insight why hiring an experienced and fun DJ for your wedding is super important!

The most important thing when looking for a good DJ is making sure it’s more than just a playlist and speakers. You must find someone who is going to be a great MC as well as playing good music. Anyone can put together a good playlist, but you need someone who will also keep everyone excited and informed of what is happening throughout the event. 

Here is a scenario: 

Your Aunt Mary has traveled all the way from Florida to be at your wedding. After she is finished eating she is looking around wondering when they are going to cut the cake. She has images in her mind of her wedding 50 years ago of her and your Uncle smashing cake in each other’s faces and is tearing up just thinking about her little niece getting to experience the same thing. However Aunt Mary is 70 years old and needs to go to the bathroom and let’s face it that takes longer these days. She looks around and decides well I guess now is the best time to go. She get’s up and heads to the bathroom and of course as soon as she is in the Bride and Groom cut the cake and Aunt Mary only knows because she hears the crowd cheering while she is alone in the bathroom. She has missed the moment and can never get it back.

If you had a professional DJ/MC they would have announced when and where the cake cutting was going to take place. 

When looking for a DJ for your wedding make sure you know that yours will have a great overall vibe and help make your event fun and unforgettable! 

Conga Line - Pink & White Wedding - White Dove Barn-Music Tree Entertainment-Twila's Photography


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