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When it comes to wedding planning it’s okay to make your own rules and not follow the “traditional” routes.

Most bridal parties consist of a Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor and several bridesmaids, but there’s no rule book that says you have to do it this way.

Many times MOH are the bride’s sister or very best friend. But what if you don’t have a sister? What if you have several very close friends that you don’t want to choose between? Maybe you don’t want to put all the stress of helping and planning onto just one person. You are the boss when it comes to your wedding, so you can do things the exact way that you think is right for YOU.

With that being said, if you choose to not have a MOH it’s important to still be able to delegate tasks within whatever wedding party you do have. The bride and groom naturally have the most stress while planning their big day so it’s a good idea to call on friends and family to help with anything you might need, even if you don’t have that “go-to” person.

Let’s say that you decide to just have 3 bridesmaids. Maybe give each bridesmaid a specific task to take care of so not everything falls upon one person. Possibly have one person plan the bachelorette (with others helping if needed), one can plan the bridal shower and the other can simply be there for any additional tasks that the bride or other maids might need.

Whether you decide to have a MOH, just bridesmaid or a combination of both, make sure that you lean on your friends for help planning this big event because that’s what they are there for!

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