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There are a ton of wedding superstitions that have different origins and stories. There are reasons to follow them or not, the decision is up to you!

Not Seeing Each Other Before The Wedding

This custom originated from places where arranged wedding were common. It is believed that if the arranged couple saw each other before the ceremony that they would have second thoughts. The main reason that people still follow this today is to have a more special moment when seeing each other at the alter. But first looks before the ceremony are also a great option!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

This saying originated from an English rhyme. Something old refers to the bride’s past before marriage, something new is the couple’s future, something borrowed is supposed to be from someone who is happily married to provide good fortune and something blue symbolizes love and fidelity. There are many great ways to incorporate this superstition into your wedding if you choose to.

Something Old: Many women choose to take a piece of something from their parents or family member to incorporate as their “something old”. For example you can take a piece of your mother’s wedding dress and sew it into yours.

Something New: Many women use their wedding dress as their “something new”, but there are also other ways to display this custom.

Something Borrowed: There are many items that you could borrow for your big day, such as jewelry or shoes.

Something Blue: A really fun trend that a lot of brides have done for this portion of the rhyme is to have their bridesmaid and future husband sign the bottom of their shoes with a blue pen. Another great way is a blue piece of jewelry!

Carrying the Bride Into New Home

This superstition is dated back to medieval times when it was believed that a woman was susceptible to evil spirits through the soles of their feet. The groom carries the bride into their new home to avoid these bad spirits. This superstition can be a fun tradition to follow, but definitely not necessary. It could make for a great photo!

Rain On Your Wedding Day

As frustrating as rain can be on your wedding day it is believed to be good luck and symbolizes fertility and cleansing. I think most people believe that it is just a nuisance!

Wedding Bells

In traditional Irish weddings, bells are rung to ward off evil spirits. This is why it’s a common custom to gift bells to couples on their wedding day.

It is your choice whether you want to follow wedding superstitions, but make sure they don’t run your whole wedding. We believe that superstitions should be more for fun than taken all the way seriously!

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