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Thanksgiving is just two days away and is typically a major family holiday! If you are attending Thanksgiving festivities with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you definitely want to take their mother a Hostess Gift to show your appreciation in being included. Put a smile on her face by taking an appropriate hostess gift  that shows you have good manners and that her child has good taste in a partner.  Here are a few ideas to help you in choosing the perfect gift to impress her.

Dinner Contributions

Bake a basket of fresh dinner rolls to add to the table or bake your favorite cake to contribute to the Thanksgiving dinner.  If you come from a different culture, bring a traditional side dish to give them a taste of your traditions. Write the recipe carefully on attractive stationery with a special note and leave it for her.

Even if you are not a good cook, you can offer to bring rolls or even dessert. There are many bakers that offer specials during the holiday and the goodies will be appreciated even if you didn’t make them.

Check with his or her mother before deciding what to take so that you don’t duplicate a dish she is making.

Edible Gifts

A bottle of wine or a high end whiskey or other spirit like vodka is a good choice as well. Even if she doesn’t drink, she can share it with dinner guests, cook with it or re-gift it.  A basket with chocolate, cheeses and breads are also very nice.


Flowers which match her decor make for a very pretty centerpiece. If she enjoys wine, bring her a set of wine charms or a monogrammed wine stopper for a personal touch. If she loves to cook, gift her a cookbook with fun and new recipes.

Other Gift Options

Find out what her favorite scent is and bring her a set of fragrant candles or lotions. If she loves music, find a CD by her favorite artist. If she enjoys cooking, an herb growing kit or a set of spices in decorative jars are very thoughtful.  Gift her with monogrammed stationery in her favorite color.

We’d love to hear what you are taking for a hostess gift or dinner contribution?

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  1. Raina

    I love that these gift ideas are enjoyable for the host right away. What fantastic ideas!!

  2. Mahlia

    I think everyone can get behind an edible gift! haha Although, I love the CD & Stationary ideas too!