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“But now my own delights I make, my thirst at every rill can slake, and gladly nature’s love partake of thee, sweet daisy”

Bouquet by: Southern Belles and Blooms

Happy National Daisy Day!

Daisies symbolize innocence and purity which stems from the old Celtic legend.

In Norse mythology the daisy is Freya’s sacred flower. Freya is the goddess of love, beauty and fertility and as such the daisy symbolizes childbirth, motherhood and new beginnings.

In Old English, daisies were referred to as “day’s eye” because at night the petals close over the yellow center and during the day they re-open. The phrase “as fresh as a daisy” originated from this, signifying that someone had a good night’s rest.

Daisies are great flowers to consider using in your wedding for many reasons.


Daisies are undeniably beautiful and will be sure to make your wedding flowers pop!

Bouquet by: Southern Belles and Blooms

Long Season

The most common type of daisy, the gerbera daisy, is in season from early Spring through Autumn which is perfect since most weddings are happening somewhere during this time. This will make getting these types of flowers very easy (and probably more affordable than others).

Bouquet by: Southern Belles and Blooms


You can get daisies in basically any color that you want to match any wedding scheme. Plain white daisies would be beautiful for most wedding themes or you can choose to use bright colors as well.

Bouquet by: Southern Belles and Blooms


Daisies are some of the most affordable flowers that you could choose for your wedding, but they are still absolutely gorgeous.

Bouquet by: Southern Belles and Blooms

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