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Public speaking in any form can be really stressful and a lot of pressure, but giving a speech at your besties wedding can be even more stressful. No worries we’ve got you covered! We have put together some helpful tips For Giving a Great Wedding Speech!

Start With Notes

A great way to start this process is just by simply taking some notes. Write down some of your favorite experience’s with your friend, family member or the couple. Maybe some reasons that you feel the couple is a good match or how you have seen the relationship grow.

Find Your Direction

What direction do you want your speech to take? Do you want to go more sentimental? Funny? A mix of both? Figuring out what kind of speech you want yours to be can really help you find the words to say.

Make An Outline

Making an outline of the things you would like to speak about can really help the words to flow. A good format in our opinion is

  • Introduction (maybe telling how you know the couple)
  • Speak about your relationship with the person or couple and how they have impacted your life
  • Thanking the couple for allowing you to share in the moment.
  • Funny anecdotes are always great in speeches to add a little humor and probably to lighten you up as well.
  • Blessing of the union: speaking about your excitement or admiration for the couple.
  • And finally the toast!
Practice, Practice, Practice

Hearing your words read aloud can definitely sound different when you put them to paper. Trying practicing your speech at least a few times before your big day to make sure that everything flows and you feel confident speaking. Maybe practice in front of a few friends to get additional input.

Be Prepared For Emotions!

It’s 100% okay to get emotional while you are giving a speech, so make sure you are prepared! You may not think that you will cry while talking, but sometimes it doesn’t happen until you are in the moment. Hide a tissue somewhere just in case and if you feel it coming, stop, take your time to compose yourself, then resume!

 Don’t Wing It (unless that’s your style)

It’s typically not a great idea to wing a speech unless you have experience with that sort of thing, or feel comfortable just speaking off the top of your head. Really putting in some time to plan your speech can make it really special. But if you feel comfortable simply speaking from the heart without planning, go for it! It can also make what you are saying feel more real and special.

Hopefully these tips will help when you are faced with giving a great wedding speech!

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