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There are so many vendors to hire during the wedding planning process. And if you are serving alcoholic beverages at your reception, you will definitely need to hire the best bartending service to ensure someone is taking great care of your guests and  also follow all of the rules at the same time! To help you figure out who to hire, we asked Brihanna with Boozy with Bri what are the best questions to ask a bartending service. Here’s Brihanna’s top 25.

  1. Do you have my date available?
  2. Are you a people person? (aka have an actual convo before booking, if they don’t engage in conversation, they may not be the one).
  3. Have you worked at my venue before?
  4. Do you have your ABC License?
  5. Does your company have a business license?
  6. Does your bartending company have liquor liability and general liability?
  7. Do you ask for ID’s from guests who you think might be underage?
  8. Can we provide our own alcohol?
  9. What is included in your service? (i.e. bartenders, number of hours, clean up, bar, etc.)
  10. How many bartenders will be needed to serve our number of guests?
  11. Do you offer Flair Bartending?
  12. Can we do a cash bar?
  13. Will you set up a tip jar?
  14. Do you have a travel fee for my venue?
  15. Is more than one bar needed in order to avoid lines?
  16. What equipment do you provide? (i.e. bar, glassware, etc.)
  17. How much set up and clean up time do you need?
  18. What uniforms do the bartenders wear?
  19. What will happen to left over alcohol?
  20. Who is providing the mixers, garnishes, ice, and cups?
  21. How will drinks be chilled and who is responsible for doing so
  22. Do you provide the coolers for the ice?
  23. How much ice will be needed? Who is providing the ice?
  24. Can you tell me how much alcohol & non-alcoholic beverages to purchase?
  25. Can you give recommendations for what drinks and beer to serve?

Besides asking questions, Brihanna with Boozy with Bri told us to make sure to Always Read Reviews!!! And if you hire someone you love, be sure to leave them one!

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