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 Updated – 3/18/2024

Wedding Planning Budget
Photo Credit: Rebecca Vaughan Photography

Have you read our blog about How to Stay in Your Wedding Budget? Awesome! Now, it’s time to figure out where to allocate your budget dollars. To help you, we have put together a free Wedding Budget Spreadsheet that includes most of the items needed for a wedding. We suggest downloading it to your Google Drive and sharing it with anyone who will be contributing to the budget.

To get started using the spreadsheet, enter your wedding budget. Next, estimate costs for each category. The spreadsheet includes the typical percentage of your budget to allocate for each category. The percentages are based on industry averages and may or may not be right for you and your fiancé. Be sure to adjust them according to your needs and priorities. Just be sure your adjustments add up to 100%.

As you hire vendors, add their contact info and the actual cost for their product or services. Be sure to add the deposit amount you paid each of them and any payments made. The spreadsheet will calculate your balance due for each item and give you a total balance due.

We didn’t include the Honeymoon, Rehearsal Dinner Engagement, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties in the Wedding Budget as these are often handled with separate funds. However we did include them separately on the spreadsheet so you could keep track of these expenses if you wish.

Happy Planning!

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