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When choosing your wedding cake there are two main options to consider:


Buttercream has four main types. American: Powder sugar, butter, milk and vanilla. Swiss: Egg whites, light corn syrup, white sugar and butter. French: Egg yolks, sugar syrup and butter. Italian: Sugar syrup, egg whites, white sugar and butter. 

If you’ve ever had homemade buttercream you know that it is absolutely delicious! It’s simple to make, but not in taste!

Buttercream is simpler to make than fondant which typically makes it cheaper and is easier to apply. And it’s way easier to fix mistakes, making it easier on the cake maker. 

Buttercream can be tinted any color to go with any wedding scheme. It can be applied in a smooth finish or in many unique textures to match any vision. If you are looking for more elaborate textures or decorations for your cake you may want to consider fondant.


Fondant is a thick paste made of sugar and water and often flavored and has the texture of playdough. 

Fondant is also sweet and tasty, but has a unique texture that some people may not be familiar with in cakes.  

Fondant is very versatile because it can be used to get a seamless finish, or it can be made into a variety of shapes such as flowers, figures, etc. It can also be tinted in any colors like buttercream.

Fondant is a little more difficult to work with for cake makers which could make it more expensive than buttercream, but is worth it to capture your vision!

If you can’t choose one or the other, the great thing about these two options are, they must be used together. Fondant is applied by a buttercream base, so you and your guests can get the best of both worlds!

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